Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fancy Gown

Beautiful gown for your little girl.
Perfect for any occasion.
Perfect for your girl.


Size: 1 (SOLD)
Size: 3(SOLD)
(Please refer to the size measurement below)

Also available in sweet pink.

Size: 2 (SOLD)
(Please refer to the size measurement below)

Size measurement: length , chest wide
Size 1: 56cm , 27cm
Size 2: 60cm, 28cm
Size 3: 67cm, 29cm



YULIE said...

oh no! cunnya yg first tu. eh ff kan tinggi 110cm.. so pendek ke tak gown tu?

si.come.lote said...

yg first tu ade size 1 dgn 3. ko try ukur dari bahu 56cm dgn 67cm. aku rs size 3(67cm) sesuai kut utk tinggi 110cm.

yulie said...

smlm hp aku kong. balik ni aku ukur dia dulu.. anyway, TQ!